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What is Skyfall Gran Reserva?

Skyfall Gran Reserva is a totally unique turquoise blue sparkling aromatised wine, which is made using only the finest natural ingredients.

Blue you say..

We don’t mean to be pedantic, but it’s turquoise actually! The brilliant turquoise hue of Skyfall Gran Reserva is obtained using a special blend of entirely natural ingredients which are added after the fermentation process. Unlike some other beverages on the market there are no artificial colours, dyes or other popular alcoholic ingredients used in the production of Skyfall at any stage.

How is Skyfall Gran Reserva made?

Skyfall Gran Reserva is produced in low volumes with a focus on quality and craftmanship. It takes 3 years to make every bottle using a traditional in-bottle fermentation process.

Where is Skyfall Gran Reserva produced?

Skyfall Gran Reserva is produced by an award-winning producer in St. Sadurni d’Anoia in the Penedes region of Catalonia (Spain).

Skyfall Gran Reserva is produced in Spain. So it’s a Cava, right?

No – owing to its truly unique and naturally turquoise colour Skyfall Gran Reserva does not conform to specific Cava specifications. The grape varieties used during the fermentation process are exactly the same as those used in the production of Cava however.

Is Skyfall Gran Reserva a Champagne?

No no no no no. Whilst Skyfall Gran Reserva tastes every bit as good as the best Champagnes, it’s not produced in the protected Champagne region, therefore, it cannot be called Champagne.

Which grape varieties are used in the production of Skyfall?

Macabeu, Parellada, Xarel·lo and Chardonnay

What does Skyfall Gran Reserva taste like?

We want you to close your eyes (obviously after you’ve read this!), think of the best sparkling wine you’ve ever tasted… are you in your “happy place”? Well it tastes like that. The feedback is overwhelmingly positive, not only will the colour of Skyfall Gran Reserva amaze you, so will the taste. It’s refreshing, crisp, fruity and of course it’s best served chilled.

On the bottle it doesn’t say ‘wine’ anywhere? Why is this?

This is a new premium product to the UK market – we’ve worked closely with the FSA to categorise this product. You can think of it as a sparkling wine, but due to the natural ingredients which are added to obtain the unique turquoise colour, Skyfall Gran Reserva doesn’t fit into any existing categories – we love the fact that it is totally unique and that there is no other product like it in the world!

Where can we buy Skyfall Gran Reserva from?

Luckily for you, you’re in the right place – you can purchase Skyfall Gran Reserva from directly from our website. We also sell to a select number of Official Partners who stock Skyfall Gran Reserva at their venues.

What is the alcohol content of Skyfall?

12% abv

What makes Skyfall Gran Reserva a ‘premium’ product?

-Only the finest grapes and natural ingredients are used in the production of Skyfall Gran Reserva,
-Produced over 3 years using artisan production methods
-Produced by an award-winning sparkling wine maker
-Labels designed by a leading UK label designer
-Embossed labels produced by a leading UK label producer
-The cork has 2 ‘rounds’ (most Champagnes only have one)



Stocking Skyfall Gran Reserva

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