Looking for a great gift?

Looking for a great gift to give someone for their Birthday but have no idea what to get? Have you got a special anniversary coming up and you just don’t know what to buy? Or have you got an event where you want added wow factor?
Skyfall Gran Reserva is the perfect gift for all special occasions!

The incredible detailing on the bottle and the subtle visual hints on the labels give you an idea of what’s to come but it’s not until you ‘pop’ the cork and pour that the stunning (COMPLETELY NATURAL) turquoise blue colour of Skyfall is revealed!
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Each bottle of Skyfall Gran Reserva is produced using the traditional in-bottle fermentation process over a minimum of 3 years, and during this time each bottle is hand-turned. Towards the end of the production process a combination of natural fruit and flower extracts are added to produce not only the delightful fruits notes you can taste but also the stunning turquoise hue that is the signature trademark of Skyfall. The result is a fresh, crisp taste which is every bit as comparable to the finest Champagnes.

Each bottle is hand-labelled resulting in a product that not only tastes exquisite but looks undeniably stunning.

Leave the ordinary behind and embrace the blue!